Motivations to read

Why this blog?

Hi all,
There are quite a few reasons why I set up this blog .

a. Most of the people whom I meet seem to think that only today or current books have all the answers which I beg to differ with.

b. I am memory loss prone. Blame it on Information overload or just not enough grey (memory) cells. I forget the authors and books. This is a good way for me to remember

c. I find it idiotic in many ways to write/review in sites like or facebook. Also I am more comfortable in this blog-like interface rather than those sites where you are just an average and possibility of the nuances of how a book moves you is lost. You are just part of the trend of the book which necessarily doesn’t do justice to the book.

d. To add to the above, almost all of the social networking sites have a dearth of tags or don’t really understand. While I may go overboard from time to time it again is easy for me to remember stuff using tags.

e. Lot of reviews give the plot of the story. That is not something which I like or want to share. The plot of the story is like going on a journey and hence even though two people may be on the same journey they would look at things from different eyes. They might not even look at the same things. So instead of giving people a perspective as to how they should read or look at the book at, wanna share some not just the book but the more intimate feelings or memories which are awakened due to the reading of the book. There is of course a huge possibility that I might also digress at points in revealing the plot or part of plot (I am only human) but that would be not intentional.

f. For some inane reason, books are labeled and distinguished from one another and most of the times these labels (business management,Economics, Computer Science, Humor, Children etc.) make to alienate people from reading a book because its supposed to be for a specialist audience. I find that utterly disgusting for there are many books across all genres that an average person can read, enjoy, articulate and learn from it.

g. Lastly, I am a lover of used-book stores and since there has been one near my home since couple of years back the need to read and then give back some of that richness to friends and world at large (in my hobby time) became a sort of issue for me.

To sum up, the first thing is its entirely a narcissistic venture. Beyond that though, who knows , I might meet a friend who shares the passion and reads the kind of books I like to read. Who knows what else is store. And of course, if somebody wants a book reviewed, they just need to send a copy. On week-ends and whenever I have time.

Although right now, running through a huge backlog šŸ˜‰


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