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August 28, 2010

Ulverscroft Large print series

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HI all,
This post attempts to share me & my mother’s experience with reading book from an imprint called Ulverscroft.

I read Paula Gosling’s Monkey Puzzle, a Mystery. While I cannot rave much about the book itself what I really liked was the Ulverscroft Large Print imprint. It was a wonderful experience for my mother who suffers a bit from near vision issues and needs glasses to read books.

Little digging on the back pages of the book tells me that the Ulverscroft print has been there since 1985 and perhaps even earlier than that as they already had 1600 titles in their bag at that time. Little googling on the Net landed me on the Ulverscroft Large print home page. For the last couple of years my mother has been having slight reading issues not big but still enough for me to hunt books which are in Hardcover as they have slightly better fonts and readability. In that search I was always left wondering as to why there isn’t an imprint or a publisher who does Large Print work. This would definitely increase the reader-base as they are still quite a bit of elderly and people having vision problems who cannot enjoy or be productive due to access issues with good reading materials.

When I discovered Ulverscroft, it was a nice feeling. What was also interesting to see was that they have the series in 5 different colored covers so that people with low vision can differentiate between genres. Black for Mysteries (the one I have), Blue for Romance , Red for Adventure Suspense and General Fiction, Orange for Westerns and Green for Non-Fiction.

What I also did like (the economics of it) was that instead of risking with new authors who are not established they simply reprint those authors who already are established. To my mind, it does 2 things, it reduces chances of a miss as the authors and probably the books themselves are well-known, and for people with low vision or/and elderly they get a chance to read mainstream stuff. I was really impressed by the work the imprint did in the mid 1980’s and do hope that such imprints and publishers thrive.

There is little bit of guilt of the environmental issues it may have, but then one cannot have everything. And books atleast for me are best served over a cup of tea or coffee and the written word on the printed page is something to


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