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June 24, 2010

Murder in the Collective

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This post shares about an interesting murder mystery woven around a lesbian workers cooperative.

Murder in the Collective is a murder mystery which happens when two Collectives, a general worker co-operative unites/amalgamates with a more left-leaning, militant, lesbian collective/worker’s cooperative. The book is published by Seal Press. While I was reading the book I did become curious about the publisher’s and the idea of a collective. It was very interesting to know and see that there are in existence such kind of freedom oriented left-leaning organizations. While not sexually oriented, I found quite a few, for e.g. see redpress,Red Emma’s Bookstore , Collective roots, our own Indian collective Khoj and many others. Its interesting to see that quite a few of the collectives are in US of A which is supposed to be capitalist economy while collectives have a different idea altogether.

While I liked the book overall it was highly educative to know about collectives and worker’s co-operatives whose ideations and function way more differently then the ones which operate in India.

As a murder mystery, it is okish, as talking about lesbians and their relationships, I have read better literature, but about collective it was an eye-opener for me. I wish there were some interesting books which used all of them in equal measures so people not only have a good time but also learn about different ways of living life as well.

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