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June 24, 2010

A meeting

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This post shares a small story/incident between two friends. A basis for perhaps a bigger story but good in itself.

After a gap of 2 years Shirish and Shantanu met. No two friends could have been any different. While Shirish is 33, unshaven (most of the time), 5 ‘6, slightly heavy, wavy hair, idealist and has a slightly happy go lucky steak in him, Shantanu on the other hand is 35, lanky 5’9 , father of a child and more often than not a crybaby. Even professionally they belonged to different stratas. While shirish is more or less in computers, shantanu is working in an industrial hardware company (pumps and crankshafts) more often than not greasing palms of powers that be so the company could operate. Even their friendship was because of a slightly odd incident.

Years ago, (early 80’s to late 80’s) shirish, a loner, having no brothers or sisters, had dissolved himself into reading and seeing ‘Star Trek’ which came on National Television on Sunday mornings as the only means of enjoyment. While shantanu had a rich childhood having 3 elder sisters and being doted by them. Shirish being into an English medium school while Shantanu in a regional school.

When they met for the first time, both of them didn’t know they shared a passion for the unknown, for mysteries (as kids do) . Shirish introduced Shantanu to the mystery called as Bermuda Triangle . While Shantanu and his friends thought that there new acquaintance was a cuckoo and made of him. Shirish, on the other hand went to a book shop and bought a book (Charles Berlitz’s The Bermuda Triangle)to prove to them otherwise.

Seeing/reading the book and photographs it dawned to Shantanu and his friends that the new guy may be a good asset, knowledgable and all and so begin an unlikely friendship. While the friendship remained, it went to a back-burner as college and life took over.

Cut to today when they meet when Shirish is still trying to find his own ground (as far as family, society goes) and Shantanu feels that Shirish has an advantage because he knows English and can talk with people fluently in a language. Shantanu invites him home to meet his family.

When shirish meets Shantanu’s wife and son, he feels Shantanu isn’t doing justice to himself. For whatever faults, Shantanu has a doting wife and cute child, a stable job, his own home to call to while Shirish is still uncertain in these matters.

Shantanu as they converse on many things, still feels shirish knows a lot of the world outside and different ways and things. Shirish shares about philosophy, books, religion, world politics and so on and so forth. While they have a rewarding 2-3 hours of each other’s company, at the end of the day, each feels the other is luckier. The grass greener on the other side.

What do you think, is shirish or shantanu luckier or are both lucky in different ways?


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