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June 7, 2010

The Blackmailers

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Hi all,
This post would be about a thriller ‘The Blackmailers’ written by the author Henry Cecil Leon, a County Court Judge turned into author.

I finished ‘The blackmailers‘ written by Henry Cecil Leon back to back in about 2-3 hours. People might be surprised as I was to see the difference between the two names ‘Henry Cecil’ and ‘Henry Cecil Leon’ but as can be seen in the wikipedia article it was a pen name used the judge. I am sorry that there is no cover page to the Blackmailers as amazon doesn’t have one 😦

Note:- I had to use the disambiguation page of Henry Cecil and also had to update the Novel list as the Novel was missing in the wikipedia entry.

The book is of 182 pages and Amazon lists it at $107.97 which is expensive. I got the book at a used book store for about Rs. 25/- (around $0.5) so it was a good deal.

The book has been labeled as a mystery while it comes as a ‘Legal thriller‘ . Now while I don’t really want to give the story away I would certainly say it sort of opened up my eyes as to how blackmailing is and can be effectively used to thwart justice. The author judge as can be seen in the wiki article was in law from 1923 till 1967. Now for most of us, the public per se we think of that period as an innocent era compared to a more digitized and industrialized economy of today. If there was possibility of such sort of crime in that era, I do shudder to think what sort of manipulation is and would be going on in today’s times.

There is a possibility that just like many other people that I may thought of the earlier times as ‘good easy times’ which may or may not be entirely true but that is beside the point.

Overall, the book is a page-turner and well worth your hard-earned money, although $107 may be a bit too much.


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