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May 7, 2010

War games

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Hi all,
This blog and the posts are about books I am either reading or want to read and some of the motivations for them.

First of all I have to admit I am a compulsive reader. Some of the books are on the ‘to be read’ status and some which I enjoy re-reading every now and then. Sometimes also get some new nuances again. This love/passion is what has prompted me to have a blog for the same and this has been a long time in my head.

One of the first books I want to share about/read is War games by Linda Polman. It would make for some interesting and perhaps shocking reading as well.

At some point if I do get this book it would be also because of a small tale/experience I had which I would like to share.

About a decade and a half back (and maybe a little more) when I was in 8th or 9th standard (a year or two short of SSC ) . Usually in these upper classes there was a tradition in my school of getting charity for Pune Blind Men’s Association. The charity would be by giving out numbered A4 sized forms which would have name of the student and his details and then below columns for names of potential donor/s, amount in words and numbers, their contact details if they want to give and a signature. There was also an incentive every year that one would get the maximum number of donations there would be some prize.

While I had done that as an experience a year or two, that particular year for some reason (sense of adventure/bored/don’t remember) I decided to give my best shot. I went to I don’t know how many homes and even went to the High Court nearby and in the chambers and what not and raised something like Rupees fifteen hundred or something (a princely amount for sure in those days.) We had been given something like 4-5 days and hence everyday over a 4-5 I operated going from one home to the other. Just like FMCG representatives there were various kinds of people and experiences I came across. Most of them would give Rs. 5/- or Rs. 10/- which was a respectable amount. Some would be generous and give something like Rs. 50/- or so also. Some used to get irritated as some other student had been before while some didn’t want to give, some were also suspicious whether I am genuine or want to take them for a ride, all kinds of experiences.

At the end of it all, while I did submit the forms and also couple of photo copies of the form as I had run out of space I gave it. Although it was appreciated but a classmate won as he got Rs. 5000/- for the cause (from 10 donors) . There were rumors that it was his father who just made some signatures and gave the form.

While it did feel bad at that time (to lose) I do wonder at times did the money go to the right people or what?


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  1. Thank you so much for applying free time to write “War games Motivations to read”.

    Thank you so much for a second time ,Roxana

    Comment by — February 7, 2013 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

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